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Who Are We

"Transforming Spaces, Elevating Lives: Discover the Essence of Luxury in Marbella with Edward Partners Interiors."

Welcome to Edward Partners Interiors, your premier destination for real estate, interior design, and furniture in Marbella, Spain. We are a dynamic company that collaborates with top professionals in construction, design, interior design, crafts, painting, carpentry, and architecture to deliver exceptional quality throughout every project. Our philosophy revolves around the pillars of architecture, design, and innovation, ensuring that each production, construction, and conversion is a masterpiece.

At Edward Partners Interiors, we recognize the evolving demands of the market and strive to exceed expectations as brokers. Our team is dedicated to providing a strong commitment to excellence, an acute sense of quality, and an innate understanding of how people want to live and reside. By working closely with our clients from the early stages, we ensure a personalized approach that fulfills their unique desires and aspirations.


Experience the difference of working with Edward & Partners Interiors and let us help you create the living and working spaces you've always envisioned.

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“Today’s market demands more of us as brokers. It requires a strong commitment, a sense of quality and a sure instinct for how people want to live and reside, but also why they want it. We respond well to those requirements.” – Edward Melki, founder.



C.C. Tembo
Bloque B, Local 1
29602 Marbella, Málaga

T: +34 673 246 836

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